Animated Cumbia

Splashes of colour, indigenous patterns, forests, rivers and sunshine, two traditional dancers dressed in white and red – the video for JWCM’s Cumbia de Piedra is a beautiful audio-visual impression of the producer’s native Colombia.

Directed by Tomás Pichardo, a fellow student of Jhon Williams Montoya Castro (JWCM) at the Italian communications research centre Fabrica in Treviso, the video is inspired by rural Colombian life from indigenous traditions to those of today’s campesinos. Reminiscent of a Miró painting, mixing anmation, stop motion, rotoscoping and digital painting, it gives a vision of the country from afar, the perfect backdrop to JWCM’s music, marrying the rhythms of his native homeland with his own classical violin playing and electronica.


However, this is not the first incarnation of Cumbia de Piedra. The track featured as the centrepiece from JWCM’s part art exhibition, part concept album Mohs, focussed on the idea of creating sounds from stone. Uniting diverse inspirations from folkloric rhythms and live sampling to the mineral classification studies of German scientist Frederich Mohs, the album is part digital cumbia, part classical violin and part experimental. It even features a bespoke instrument called the ‘stone pad’ made from stones.

New sounds are in the pipeline from JWCM so watch this space!

The Very Best – Yoshua Aikuti

New video from The Very Best in anticipation of their second album, released this July, is a cracker. The clip for “Yoshua Alikuti”, directed by Village Beat, takes on Lil Wayne’s  “A Milli”, transporting those famous red trousers to a Nairobi township, trading trailers for shacks, bling for beads and make-up artists for a Kinyozi hair salon. Oh and Lil Wayne’s clip didn’t have a goat on a leash…

Going on this little taster, The Very Best’s forthcoming album, which drops via Moshi Moshi/Cooperative Music this summer, looks set to be a good ‘un.

La Tigresa del Oriente – A Brighter Day

“All around the world…La Tigresa del Oriente”.

In an attempt to corner a new, untapped market, Peruvian viral sensation, La Tigresa del Oriente has re-recorded her tropi-glam hit Nuevo Amanecer with the help of cumbia-rock group Terapeutas del Ritmo. Though the lyrics to A Brighter Day are a little difficult to make out (perhaps due to the fact that La Tigresa doesn’t appear to speak English – see the scribbled phonetic transcription) it rings true to the cheap and cheerful original.

It remains to be seen if she will conquer the English speaking world in the way she has conquered Latin America. Still, you can’t help but admire the singer in all her camp, leopard-print glory. It is certainly a break from the big-budget, polished-pop productions of Beyoncé et al! Incidentally, La Tigresa claimed Lady Gaga copied her unique style in the video for Telephone… If you somehow missed the now cult original, for your viewing pleasure:

Floating Points in Brazil

This is a great little video interview with UK house/soul/funk/everything producer, DJ and Eglo Records boss, Floating Points, conducted in a São Paulo record store a month or so back. You can see, and indeed listen to some of the records FP purchased from via the Eglo website.

Calle 13 – Latinoamérica

Video says it all really: A heartfelt cry of ¡Viva América Latina! which highlights, once again, why Calle 13  are one of the most important contemporary Latin American acts. The video features cameos from the first lady of Afro-Peruvian music, Susana Baca, Colombian Mompox native Totó La Momposina, Brazilian songstress Maria Rita and countless Latin American faces.

Latin Power Music – 3Ball MTY Pop

This seems to be the first official video for a 3Ball(Tribal) song and comes as a sign that the style, already popular in pockets of Mexico and in the global bass scene, may be heading for a wider audience. The song (‘Inténtalo ( Me Prende)’) is attributed to 3Ball MTY, a collaboration between the three 3Ball innovators DJ Erick Rincón, Sheeqo Beat and DJ Otto (who feature in the video and still look about 15…). To give the song some Latin Pop credibility singer America Sierra and ‘el nuevo ídolo de la música mexicana’ El Bebeto have been roped in to create a crossover collaboration of young Mexican artists. With this video it seems 3Ball MTY may be taking an interesting turn towards pop and mainstream exposure. The video also features  a troop of futuristic cowboy dancers (Los Parranderos) clad with THOSE pointy shoes:

Lido Pimienta – La Rata

Time to get back into the swing of things and what better way than with a video like this one from Canadian based Colombian singer Lido Pimienta. ‘La Rata’, an attack on political corruption, is taken from her debut EP ‘El Color’ which was recently re-released on shiny vinyl through the LA based KU DE TA label.