Débruit – From the Horizon (Civil Music – 4th June)

I have only recently started exploring his productions but I am quickly becoming a big fan of French producer Débruit. Though his name seems to have been around for a while, On the Horizon, is his first full length album. The album draws on a resource of samples from a diverse range of West African music, cutting them up and melting them into hip-hop beats and gloopy synths. The end product of three years of collecting field recordings, dusting off old cassettes and searching for the right samples and incorporating them into his unique sound. The preview is sounding top-notch – like West Coast US dilla-hop meets Western Africa: assured beats combined with vocal lines, lo-fi rhythms and polyrhythmic melodies.

From the Horizon is a continuation of the Parisian’s history of mixing folkloric influences into his Hip-Hop led productions, as demonstrated on his 3D EPs Spatio Temporel and Sis Sürpriz. It is interesting to compare Débruit’s approach to “folklore” with that of Maga Bo on his fantastic latest album Quilombo do Futuro. Two very different approaches to the idea of fusing tradition with modernity and organic with electronic. From The Horizon is released through Civil Music on the 4th of June. And finally, well-worth checking out Débruit’s live set at the Boiler Room from a few weeks back:


Label Spotlight – Error Broadcast

For our fifth Label Spotlight, we catch up with Sven Swift, co-founder of 21st century mind-melting beats label Error Broadcast. Formed in 2008, the label has since become one of the “go-to places” for fresh, exciting “beat music”, bringing together an international roster of artists stretching the boundaries of hip-hop and electronic music.

EB: We started the label just as people were advancing from the sound of traditional Dilla instrumentals and beginning to explore kinds of electronic manipulations. When Shlohmo released the original ‘Shlomoshun’ EP, everybody was totally blown away. Kids went into Ambient and Drone, wrapping textures around their beats like a tight dress. Which is sexy, haha! Since then, beat music has seen many permutations… Dubstep, Ghettotech, Juke, Boogie and always R&B. At EB we try to keep it fresh and experimental.

 Shlohmo – Ghosts pt. 2 from the “Shlo-Fi” EP

Error Broadcast is a fine example of just how global and accesible music production has become in the 21st century, showcasing talented young producers from the West coast of the US to Russia.

EB: Every 16 year-old can download software onto his shitty laptop and start making music. There are almost no boundaries when it comes to equipment so it’s no wonder we have artists from all around the world on EB. Hotspots at the moment are Westcoast US, the UK, and in our case, Moscow.

Indeed, their 2011 compilation Fly Russia (Free DL) uncovered Russia’s thriving beat scene and led to further collaborations between EB and artists who appeared on the album such as DZA, Pixelord and OL.

813 – Zondor Fo

EB: The ‘Fly Russia’ compilation came out in 2010 and made many heads turn. Early in 2010, G5 Music (weblog) approached us to ask if we would potentially be interested in hosting a compilation of Russian beat makers. The tunes they offered us were all top quality, and it was not a big step toward the final ‘Fly Russia’. We are happy now to see that powerful labels have emerged such as G5 Music, Jumble, Hyperboloid Records and how2make, each supporting and strengthening the Russian beat scene.

Error Broadcast has its roots in the netlabel community and continues to champion the idea of free music, offering up a fair amount of fine music online for free download. However, the label has also evolved into a fully fledged imprint with digital, vinyl and even casette releases. Key to the physical copy is the quality of the product, artwork and graphic design:

EB: Selling music nowadays is about creating something collectable, something special. I hope people realise we do not only care about the sound but also the look of all EB releases!

Comfort Fit - Private Primate

EB: It demands a whole different level of professionalism to deliver good looking, good sounding vinyl records and it is a risky business. Though the market is unpredictable, I have a feeling people want to see you take a risk. And of course, the joy of touching a brand-new 12” disc, fresh from the plant, is a drug!

2012 has already got off to a busy start for the label with the release of B-Ju’s well-received Prozac People EP and the label’s momentum looks set to continue with releases from Monolithium; “super sexy synthesizer music”, OLsweaty and sick, seriously dangerous” (see his latest mixtape) and their next release from Romanian producer Montgomery Clunk.

Montgomery Clunk - Mondegreen EP

 Montgomery Clunk – Faerie Fire 

EB: Montgomery Clunk is a young cat who appeared on the map in 2010 with his acclaimed ‘Superbus EP’, which is still one of our bestsellers. Since then he has constantly renewed his musical identity (see the output he has been uploading onto Soundcloud recently). He returns on the 9th of April with ‘Mondegreen’, a five-track EP available digital and on 12” vinyl. His beats are just mad, basically like nothing you have heard before.

If you move quickly you can grab the “Superbus EP” for free download until the 16th of April via Error Broadcast’s bandcamp, download new track “Faerie Fire” here (via XLR8R) and watch out for the full release later this week!

Thanks to Sven Swift from Error Broadcast for taking the time to answer our questions and for searching out constantly fresh sounds!

Soosh – SoFar EP (Fremdtunes)

Gloopy, undersea vocals cut into pieces, swirling synths, sunshine chords and a hint of Dilla-hop or “Dreamhop”. That is one way to describe Glaswegian producer Soosh’s music. Following on from his self-titled EP, SoFar, released through Dutch label Fremdtunes, is another journey into the producer’s sun splattered undersea musical world.
Though the EP sometimes sits a little too close for comfort to the James Blake/Mt.Kimbie style, Soosh does manage to carve out his own sound, epitomised by snippets of carefully arranged vocals and spoken word, patched together with sparse percussion and really warm soothing, subby bass. It is an EP of late afternoon autumnal sunshine and if it were a colour it’d be dusty orange:
The three original Soosh tracks are also complimented by four top-quality remixes from the likes of Greenwood Sharps and Kelpe (my personal favourite). You can get your hands on the EP on vinyl or digitally now via BandcampBeatportBoomkatDigital Tunes or Juno.

Fulgeance – For All of You EP (MPM)

This was one of those releases that has been sitting on my hard drive waiting to get listened to. I finally got round to it yesterday and it made my week (musically speaking!)

To All of You, released by Melting Pot Music, is French beat-maker Fulgeance’s first full-length release after a handful of excellent EPs via Musique Large. The album is dedicated to the global music community that have hosted and supported the producer over the years, with a sonic tipping of the hat to London, Sofia, Tokyo, Athens, LA and, of course, Glasgow.

Musically it is a hotpot of skewed hip-hop peppered with arpeggios, carefully orchestrated sound bytes and the occasional bassline which would saw through any dancefloor. Alongside the nods to Modeselektor  (Sweet Sofia) and the LA/Glasgow school of hip-hop (Hiver Normand/Montefalco Mato) Fulgenace’s own creative streak shines through, no less so than on the anthemic ‘Vilnius Bump’.

In Fulgeance’s own words:

‘From Vilnius to L.A, Glasgow to Sofia, Athens to London, I was always welcomed by little or big collectives who enjoyed and respect my sound, some people who know how to present it, and this connection, this friendship by the end still alive, and I wanted to thank in a way; doin’ this record, all this people who spread this music, this “underground” vibe, and by the end so much love. Each track is dedicated to one of this cities, you have to visit them now, and listen the track, after or before, up to you’.

To All of You is a very appropriate dedication to the producers, DJs and promoters pushing the ‘underground’ bass/beats sound in the Lucky Me/Brainfeeder vein. You can expect to hear these tracks on the very dancefloors that inspired them.

Purchase options from Melting Pot Music.

Katakresis – Beats Santiaguinos

Katakresis is an American producer currently living in Santiago, Chile. He creates what could be loosely collected together as instrumental hip-hop.

Katakresis – Straight Paraguay (Cabeza! 025)

After having put together Cabeza! Netlabel’s 25th release last year, ‘Beats Santiaguinos’ is a free to download 19 track collection of Katakresis beats old and new. The album is entirely ‘instrumental hip-hop’ but brilliantly varied: a cut-up remix of bossa-nova classic ‘Corcovado‘ (‘Night of Quiet Stars’), the epic BPM traversing ‘Yellow Box Synth’, the digital cumbia of ‘Carlitosnap’,unidentified Latin American folk on ‘Valparaiso Beat’ and a rather curveball Dvořák remix.

To finish with, here is a pretty impressive video of Katakresis playing around on an MPC:

Finest Ego – UK & Ireland Compilation

Finest Ego is a series of location specific compilations put together by Project Mooncircle to highlight new and established beatmakers brought together under the broad umbrella of hip-hop. So far the series has looked at Japan, Rusia and Australia/New Zealand (available here). Inspired by artists like Hudson Mohawke, Paul White and Mike Slott, the latest compilation focuses on the UK & Ireland and features Ean (formerly of Various Productions) S-Type, Kelpe, fLako & Benjamin One alongside a host of other artists. It is a mixed bag of squawking skwee-hop, dubbed out lo-fi, garage-spliced vocal warmers, wonky arpeggio wonders and outright tunes. For a free album this is a mighty compilation.

Available for free download from Project Mooncircle’s bandcamp site and will be released soon on cassette by hhv.de.

Hudson Mohawke – Satin Panther

Ahead of the truly massive sounding Satin Panthers EP (to be released by Warp on the 1st/2nd of August), the Scottish technicolour-hip-hop extraordinaire Hudson Mohawke has released another little gem, this time a re-edit of Keri Hilson & Lil Wayne. Bluddy good it is too!

 Hudson Mohawke – Turn Me Off

You can stream a sneak preview of the forthcoming EP here:

Hudson Mohawke – Satin Panthers Preview