Frente Cumbiero // El Paujil

As we reach the last few hours on Kickstarter, I’m happy to reveal our last artist (for now ūüėČ )…Frente Cumbiero! The Colombian group will be creating a song by the wonderfully bizarre El Paujil or Blue Billed Curasow! This unique species found in the North of Colombia is recognised as Critically Endangered by the IUCN.

The Bird –¬†El Paujil

The Artist РFrente Cumbiero

Frente Cumbiero‘s music is a journey through the darkest depths of cumbia, their mision – to take this entrancing Colombian genre and dance to the world! The band simultaneously celebrate the roots of the genre alongside pushing and embracing the new, no less than on their groundbreaking album with legendary Dub producer Mad Professor. Lead man Mario Galeano was also heavily involved in the globe trotting Cumbia all-stars group Ondatropica. Their own sound has a raw talent to it, succeeding where many fail in walking the line between the old and the new!

The Inspiration

“El canto del Paujil es poco mel√≥dico, pareciera m√°s un rugido bajo y rasposo… no tiene una melod√≠a musical… entonces hay dos opciones, o tomar mejor el contexto musical de la regi√≥n de donde viene o intentar replicar ese rugido desde unos bajos sintetizados… veremos a qu√© camino nos lleva su inspiraci√≥n. “
“The song of the Curassow is not very¬†melodious, it is more like a roaring bass…it doesn’t have a musical melody. So, we have two options¬†either we take inspiration from the music of the region that this bird comes from or we try to replicate this booming sound with some synthesied basses. We will see down which path the inspiration takes us! “
Frente Cumbiero