Ezekiel – Life Begins at Night (Moveltraxx)

There must be something in the water. First there was Control Machete (and of course Toy Selectah) then the whole 3Ball MTY explosion now Monterrey gives us Ezekiel. The young Mexican producer has been making waves in all the right places for his fusion of splintered “bass” styles (dubstep, trap, hip-hop, juke), creating fresh music that manages to stand out in the sea of bad imitations.

Yesterday, Paris based label Moveltraxx released Ezekiel’s EP “Life Begins at Night“. The producer has already been hyped by taste makers (including mentions from MTV Iggy and the Diplo blessing on his BBC Radio 1 show) and the EP lives up to the hype. The artwork might be questionable but the music hits the spot.

“Irreversible” is a hard hitting hip-hop with splinters of raving bass and spilling snares while hit “Drop Ur Ass” pushes the lines between Juke and Dubstep. “Last Rave” is the weakest on the EP (but put that down to personal preference) yet all is saved by final cut “Aguacate”. Lots of attitude and swagger but some quality producing to back it up. The music grabs and hints at influences from the spectrum of bass music but manages to craft a sound that is original, captivating and sure to make an impact on a dancefloor. Exciting things to come. You can pick up the EP from iTunes, Beatport and Juno.


Siete Catorce – Siete Catorce (CocoBass)

Siete Catorce, who we wrote about a while back (Deep 3ball), has put together an eponymous EP for the sparkling hub of Tropicalia that is COCOBASS Records. The EP follows on from the Mexican producer’s previous explorations between guaracha/3ball/cumbia and electronica/house/bass and the results are innovative and ear-catching.

Siete Catorce – Doble Eme

Going on his output and directions (also releases material as Den5hion), the producer has a head full of ideas and a knack for pushing sounds in new directions. You can download the release directly for FREE here and go to Juno to get the rest of the CocoBass back catalogue.

VA – El Rave Azteca (Choles Records)

First off, apologies for the recent blog slowdown. We return with a slice of international 3ball for your ears showing how the tribal rhythm continues to reverberate around the world. Choles Records is a cross-border netlabel: based in Texas but stretching its musical tentacles across the Rio Grande into the Aztec heartland.

After two EPs of Cumbia explorations/deviations from Chico Ye and DJ Charly de Chicago, their third free-to-download release consists of 14 cuts of global 3ball Guarachero made up of “Nahuatl vocal samples, dubby bass slurps, Ibiza-like breakdowns, and guarachero drumming.”(Ft. Pacheko, Mexicans with Guns, Meneo etc). Take a listen to a preview mix of the release below, download it for FREE here and then go check out Choles Records‘ previous two releases.

CR003 – El Rave Azteca – Compilación – Preview Mix 


Latin Power Music – 3Ball MTY Pop

This seems to be the first official video for a 3Ball(Tribal) song and comes as a sign that the style, already popular in pockets of Mexico and in the global bass scene, may be heading for a wider audience. The song (‘Inténtalo ( Me Prende)’) is attributed to 3Ball MTY, a collaboration between the three 3Ball innovators DJ Erick Rincón, Sheeqo Beat and DJ Otto (who feature in the video and still look about 15…). To give the song some Latin Pop credibility singer America Sierra and ‘el nuevo ídolo de la música mexicana’ El Bebeto have been roped in to create a crossover collaboration of young Mexican artists. With this video it seems 3Ball MTY may be taking an interesting turn towards pop and mainstream exposure. The video also features  a troop of futuristic cowboy dancers (Los Parranderos) clad with THOSE pointy shoes:

Deep 3ball

Here are a couple of fresh takes on the Mexican 3ball rhythm from Mexican producers pushing the sound into new territories and mixing it with other influences.

Siete Catorce

Siete Catorce is “a 17 year old kid who takes a lot of drugs, loves his girlfriend and uses a laptop to convey his feelings”. The mysterious producer is actually a tongue-in-cheek alter-ego of Mexicali based Marco Polo Gutierrez, who also produces under the den5hion moniker and as part of Dénima alongside Biuddha (Gutierrez has even invented a collaboration between two of his own synonyms…the Fernando Pessoa of 3ball?!) Siete Catorce’s productions however, take the genre in new directions, combining 3ball and cumbia rhythms with the synths and aesthetics of deep house, techno and electronica.


Lauro Robles, the man behind the excellent website 401 “The Mexican Solution for Underground Music, also produces under the name of Lao. His productions bring together UK Funky/Dubstep/Bass with 3ball rhythms and samples.

Iztacuauhtli (original mix)

Ezekiel & Lao – Motita Rica (Original mix)

It will be interesting to see if anything like Enchufada’s Hard Ass Sessions (global producers own takes on the Kuduro rhythm) will happen with Monterrey 3ball. Watch this space.

Toy Selectah – The Mex Machine EP

Co-founder of one of Mexico’s most important Hip-Hop groups, Control MacheteToy Selectah has been one of the driving forces in the modern Latin American music scene for over ten years promoting new sounds and artists (Cumbia, Reggaeton, 3Ball) into the global limelight through his work as an A & R man, a well travelled DJ or as a producer and remixer (MexMore EP released through Mad Decent a few years back or his tracks for Bersa Discos #5).

Mex Machine EP Minimix

Toy Selectah today releases his much awaited six track The Mex Machine E.P. through Mad Decent. The tracks range from dirty cumbia to Toy Selectah’s own “raverton” style and it featurest features remixes/contributions from the likes of reggaeton don DJ Blass, UK based DJ/Producer Mumdance, Colombian girl of the moment Isa GT and Mexican 3Ball star Sheeqo Beat.

El Rey – Toy Selectah

Man Recordings on Tribal Guarachero

Tribal Guarachero, or 3Ball, has been floating about the blog/global bass sphere for a while now and its latest exposure comes in the form of the latest Man Recordings podcast in which label boss Daniel Haaksman interviews Toy Selectah and the Monterrey Tribal collective of DJ Otto, Erick Rincon and Sheeqo Beat before a huge mix from all four DJs. 3Ball is a mixture of Mexican pre-hispanic rhythms and melodies and cumbia put to a slamming hard house beat at around 130bpm. The style hinges on its incessant tripping rhythm and its melodic simplicity. Bare boned, tribal dancefloor sounds which break away from traditional clubbing styles to form something new and fresh. The style became hugely popular with young people in the clubs of the northern city of Monterrey, before Mexican don Toy Selectah, an early champion of the sound, helped to take it global, introducing productions from Monterrey DJs Erik Rincon and Sheeqo Beat to dancefloors from Brooklyn to London, making 3Ball another global sound.

The amazing thing about 3Ball is the age of the producers: Erick Rincon, DJ Otto and Sheeqo Beat all about 18 years old. They represent the first generation of young Mexican DJs and producers who have the accessibility to affordable computer technology: bedroom DJs whose innovative music can be made global. The changes the internet and computers have made to music over the past ten years are huge, music can now be produced by anyone with a computer anda copy of Fruity Loops, put on the internet and sent around the world. This is what happened with 3Ball and the Man Recordings podcast is a fascinating insight into the style, its history and indeed its future. It remains to be seen as to whether the style will continue to grow outside of Mexico or if it will become another globall bass fad. It is certainly a very exciting and interesting musical development and the young age of the producers makes you wonder if they are making these sounds at that age, just what they will be producing in three years time? Recommended listening.