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Rhythm and Roots is a blog dedicated to global-local-future-past-present sounds. We focus on new emerging scenes from Buenos Aires to Luanda, whilst also celebrating the roots inspirations behind the scenes. The blog explores the meeting places between musical traditions and showcases the artists pushing global sounds in new directions, be it Digital Cumbia, Angolan House, Indonesian futuristic Hip-Hop or British Chicha. Music is no longer contained by borders and that is something to be celebrated!

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4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Your blog is great!. Thanks for posting about Sak Tzevul, they are awesome and they should be internationally knowed.
    I post a lot about music from Peru and the world in my blog
    http://botella-al-mar.blogspot.com/, unfortunately I know little from formal music or music history, but I enjoy a lot listening.
    You should also check Cantera de sonidos http://canteradecanterurias.blogspot.com/
    and Musica Tradicional Mexicana http://macuala.blogspot.com/
    real treasure arcs of music.


  2. I just found about your blog when I posted on Celso Piña and cumbia. I’m not very knowledgeable about Latin American music, and it’s great when you come across a nicely done blog like yours; full of information, music to listen to, and a great design. My main interest has been electronic music for years but I have been listening to a lot of folk music lately which also helps me learn about different cultures too. Keep up the good work and stop by sometime: http://ballofsound.com/


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