Two continents, ten cities, 50 musicians and 20 authors: the Ten Cities is an initiative funded by the Goethe Institute that explores and juxtaposes the club scene of global metropolises from Africa and Europe. At the heart of this music project is the question, what would happen if these scenes, their sounds and the artists behind them were to meet head on?

The project began by twinning cities from the two continents: Naples with Luanda, Bristol with Lagos, Kiev with Johannesburg, Lisbon with Nairobi and Berlin with Cairo. Some of the leading producers and DJs behind the thriving electronic music scenes of these cities, names like Batida, Pinch, Dirty Paraffin, Okmalumkoolkat, Afrologic, Just A Band and more (full tracklist below), came together and collaborated on a series of tracks, live shows and special events.

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Alongside mixtapes, free-downloads and visual content, the core piece of content will be a 17 track album showcasing the outcomes of this collaborative process released on Soundway Records this month.

However, this is about more than just music with the project also focussing on research and writing looking at these ever-evolving club scenes, ‘the history of the public spheres that have been formed around club music for the last 50 years’ and the new borderless reality of global electronic music. The Goethe blog already features articles and writing from the artists and some 20 authors looking into these diverse scenes.


The project is incredibly content rich and pushes the agenda for cross-border collaboration and experimentation – another testament to the global scene that has emerged and is thriving on dancefloors around the world. The Ten Cities compilation will be released this month on CD, 3 x LP and digital.

Full Tracklist

1. Octa Push – Khuchende Halala ft Isaac

2. Pinch – Are You Coming With Us? ft Temi Oyedele

3. Dirty Paraffin – Choborops ft Hannes Teichmann

4. Lunabe & Djeff – Temedo ft MC Sacerdote & MC Yolanda Noivada

5. Batida – Mama Wototo ft Cannibal

6. Just A Band & Octapush – Boom Boom Boom

7. Lunabe – Quero Falar ft MC Sacerdote

8. Rob Smith – Work! ft Jah Device & Sasha Perera

9. Wura Samba & Gebruder Teichmann – Antere

10. Diamond Version, Bikya & Wetrobots – DV_BK_WR_O6

11. Vakula & Planet Lindela – Ten Cities Masala ft Okmalumkoolkat, Thuli Mdlalose, Tshepang Ramoba & Moonchild

12. Perera Elsewhere – Ebora (Spirits) ft Aremu

13. Dubmasta, Hannes Teichmann & Leon Ersamus – 10 Henry Nxumalo Street ft Afurakan

14. Diamond Version, Bikya & Wetrobots – DV_BK_WR_01

15. Afrologic – Omode Mewa (Ten Little Children) ft Aremu, Temi Oyedele & Wuru Samba

16. Vakula & Planet Lindela – Jozi Sunset

17. Oren Gerlitz – Orange Green ft Karun

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