Rhythm and Roots has just turned 20! Don’t worry if you forgot to send a card or write on our Facebook wall, there is always next time 😉 So, we are not actually 20 years old but 20 shows old! To celebrate we have a smorgasbord of great new music for you to share this special moment with us. This one is like a musical cake made of different slices of tasty melodic sponge and harmonic jam, the perfect soundtrack to a game of pass the parcel or a big bag of birthday surprises from all over the world!

On behalf of Rhythm and Roots – thanks for listening and raise a glass with us for good health and another 20 Rhythm and Roots!

Creamsicle BD

You can find the full tracklist after the break and download here. If you really want to send us a birthday message we wouldn’t mind or even ideas for your next present (Ok, this metaphor is getting a bit long…) We’d love to hear from you so, email us your favourite tracks, Tweet us your ideas, get in touch if you’d love to collaborate and keep on listening!

Rhythm and Roots Volume 20 Playlist

1) Alejandro Lauphan – Gurisito cósmico
2) Mono/Poly – Empyrean (feat. Mendee Ichikawa)
3) FKA twigs – Lights On
4) Tall Black Guy – From Home, To Work, and Back…
5) Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto // Dub de Gaita – Un Dub De Sangra Pura
6) Sam Iri – Tribute
7) Captain Planet – In the Gray (feat. Brit Lauren) [Instrumental]
8) Bison & Squareffekt – Praia Morena
9) Solo Moderna – Cumbia Kingston
10) Los Mirlos – Cumbia Amazonica (King Doudou Turro Dub)
11) Mariana Montalvo – La Libelula (Superpendejos love)
12) Souleance – Dum Dum
13) J-Louis – Can’t You See
14) William Onyeabor – Love Me Now (Prince of Ballard Simple Edit)
15) Timaya – Sanko
16) Aglory – Esmeralda
17) Kosta Kostov – Hasrat feat. Manushan (SuPerPendeJoS Remix)
18) Henri-Pierre Noel – A Fifth of Beethoven (The Reflex Re-Vision)
19) Elements of Life – SODADE (Boddhi Satva Ancestral Soul Remix) [feat. Anane]
20) Gold Panda – Clarke’s Dream
21) My Panda Shall Fly – Yapeyú
22) Clap! Clap! – The Rainstick Fable
23) Ouska – Miam Miam Miam

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