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Joining the host of talent featuring on ‘A Guide to the Birdsong of South America’ our fifth artist is an Ecuadorian producer who has collaborated with Nicolas Jaar and is behind the mysterious QTZLCTL collective. Introducing Nicola Crúz and the Jocotoco Antpitta, a bird only discovered in 1997 and found in only 5 locations. Find out more and become part of the album by backing us on Kickstarter.

The Bird – El Jocotoco Antpitta

The Artist – Nicola Cruz

Nicola Cruz is a DJ, producer and musician born in France but having gone back to his origins and currently living in the heart of the Andes – Quito, Ecuador. His music is founded in electronica, drawing from house, techno and electronica explorations, mixing this with the sounds of his surroundings – the culture, traditions, landscapes and rhythms of the Andes.

Cruz is an Ecuadorian producer who has released music on Nicolas Jaar’s imprint and is behind the QTZLT collective. He has played stages from LA to Buenos Aires and has crafted a sound echoes that of Jaar’s – a live, organic electronica that, in his words, makes ‘electronic music sound as if a band were playing it.’

The Inspiration

“Oyendo el canto del jocotoco, siento una llamada de auxilio. Probablemente lo percibo asi por el momento el cual esta atravesando la selva ecuatoriana, una situacion de explotación y oscuridad.  Sin duda inspira tomar este canto y crear una alerta, un mensaje y un recordatorio a nosotros mismos que muchas veces podemos hacer mas.”


“Listening to the song of the Jocotoco I can hear an alarm call. I hear it like this probably because what is happening to the Ecuadorian rainforest at the moment – a situation of darkness and exploitation. There is no doubt I was inspired to take this song and create an alarm song, a message and a reminder to ourselves that a lot of the time we can do so much more.”

Nicola Cruz



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