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We are honoured to announce Argentina’s Chancha Via Circuito as artist number four, a producer whose sound it seems was made for this very project. He has taken on a very special bird, the Hooded Grebe, a species whose population has reduced by 40% over the past 30 years. Find out more about the ‘A Guide to the Birdsong of South America’ project and help Kickstart us here.

The Bird – El Macá Tobiano

The Artist – Chancha Via Circuito

Chancha Via Circutio, otherwise known as Argentine producer Pedro Canale has become one of the country’s most heralded young producers celebrating and reviving his country’s folkloric traditions.

The sound of his first two albums is characterised by atmospheric, organic local rhythms and instrumentation subtly infused with deeper bass frequencies, effects, reverb and a sprinkling of electronic overtones. Already a fan of incorporating found sounds, including birdsong, into his music, Chancha seemed the perfect fit for ‘A Guide to the Birdsong of South America and the bird he chose, the otherworldly and oddly beautiful Macá Tobiano, his perfect partner in crime.

The Inspiration

“Elegí ese canto porque es un ave que no solo habita el aire, sinó que también lo hace en el agua. Es muy simbólico para mí, porque el aire representa el mundo de las ideas, de la imaginación, y el agua la madre de la vida y las emociones. Al escuchar ese canto uno se da cuenta que es de la familia de aves que nadan en el agua, y que tiene un buen equilibrio de los elementos naturales en su espíritu.”


“I chose this song because it is a bird that lives not only in the air but also in water. This is very symbolic for me because the air represents the world of ideas, of imagination and water represents mother earth and emotions. Listening to this song you realise it is from the family of birds that swim in water and have an equilibrium of the natural elements in its spirit.”

Chancha Via Circuito



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