Things are hotting up here in sunshine filled Amsterdam and Rhythm and Roots is back with a Brazil fever tinted episode featuring new music from Chancha Via Circuito, World’s End Girlfriend, Cashmere Cat and Logos. This month’s episode brings together cumbia, old school hip-hop, new school digital tropical sounds and some great tracks that just defy genres. Replacing the featured producer this month we showcase the brilliant new 43 track Mais Um Discos compilation, Rolê.

You can find the full tracklist after the break. We would also love to here from you! So, send us your tips and suggestions either by email, Twitter or send us your tracks / demos via Soundcloud’s messaging here.

Rhythm and Roots Volume 18 Playlist

  1. De Boca En Boca – Jiri Son Bali
  2. Siete Catorce – Perdido
  3. Tribilin Sound – Supernatural
  4. Jhon William Castaño – Cumbia de Piedra
  5. Chancha Via Circuito – Coplita Ft. Miriam Garcia
  6. Ruspo – Brasilia e Luisa
  7. Juan Pablo Torres Y Algo Nuevo – Son a Propulsion
  8. Coconutah – Acordeobabylon
  9. Intiche – Ueliti Yaotl
  10. Blanco Son – Neptune
  11. Ensamble Chancho A Cuerda – Pupila De Águila (Camanchaca Remix)­­
  12. Cashmere Cat – Pearls
  13. Som Peba – ARROZX
  14. Logos – Cloudbusting
  15. Mia Doi Todd – Paraty (Captain Planet Remix)
  16. Rocky Marsiano – Dançante
  17. Pedro Santos – Gua Viva
  18. Sonzeira – America Latina (feat. Marcos Valle & Patricia Alvi)
  19. Coconutah – Orinoco Rock
  20. Wareika Hill Sounds – No More War
  21. Mos Def – Speed Law
  22. Tulio Enrique Leyn – Cumbia Colombia
  23. Orquesta De Juancho Vargas – Cumbia de las Cubas
  24. Dead Lover’s Twisted Heart – Apocalipse do Amor
  25. Schlachthofbronx – Lights Off feat. Nicky Da B
  26. World’s End Girlfriend – Storytelling, Again



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