You might know German label Man Recordings for their bass heavy, world club sound, shining a light on the global twists on Kuduro, Baile Funk and Tecno Brega. That’s why last year’s release from German percussion group Banda Westfalica was a bolt out of the blue. ‘Versions’ consists of six acoustic covers of the label’s dancefloor bangers interpreted by a group of German high school students from the small German town of Bünde.

Each Monday afternoon, the Banda – all aged between 14 and 19 – would meet up for music class at Bünde’s school. One day band member Sönke Oberschmidt suggested the band try ‘Carimbo’ by Schlachthofbronx. Soon enough their version was on Youtube, Schlachthofbronx found out about it and so ‘Versions’ was born – tropical bass as you have never seen it before.

In a rather tongue-in-cheek twist to the tale, Man Recordings this month released ‘Versions Remixes’ – a remix album of the covers of modern electronic interpretations of Latin American and African traditional music. Smashing. The remix album of Banda Westfalica’s acoustic originals features a whole new host of up and coming producers like Castro, Chong-X and Motin.


Hats off to Man Recordings for challenging the scene and doing something completely off the wall and hats off to Banda Westfalica for becoming the first ever Germant student banda to break into global bass!


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