British electronic music duo LV are back with another project exploring the cross over between two musical worlds – this time focussing on the mix between Morrocan Gnawa music with jazz, electronica and hip-hop. Following on from their plunge into the world of South African house, this latest project supported by Italian non-profit Original Cultures, began as a one-off live show in Bologna between LV (as Swamillion) and Italian experimental group the Fawda Trio.


Building on this first step the project team now wants to take it further with a crowdfunded project to send the musicians to Essaouira, Morocco (home to the renowned Gnawa festivla) to record an album. LV are amongst the few forward-thinking electronic music producers pushing themselves out from behind their Macbook Pros to explore new musical avenues and directions. A project worthy of some support, at least to find out what the end product will be!

Find out more via Indiegogo:


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