Over the past month or so Colombia has been shaken by nationwide protests and strikes uniting farmers with teachers, milk producers with students. Though their demands are varied, at the heart of the demonstrations were united calls for land reform, rural development and justice for the small-scale farmers in the face of unjust free trade agreements and rising production costs.

While the government recently came to an agreement with the farm leaders, the protests have brought the issue of land rights disputes back to the forefront. Though not gaining the same level of global media coverage as similar movements in Turkey and Brazil, the Colombian protests have stood out for their universality. The movement evolved from a farmers demonstration into a nationwide call for change. Much as the students stood next to the farmers on the picket lines, a group of musicians, artists, video producers and bloggers came together to add their voice to the multitudes with #YoQuieroPapaConYuca.

The project united over 50 artists to record a song, showing their solidarity with the campesinos movement. The project celebrates Colombia’s rich agricultural tradition and remains as a reminder that, though the protests are over for now, the pressure for change still exists. In the words of Yo Quiero Papa con Yuca:

No hay tiempo para cambiar mañana. Cambiemos hoy!!!

There is no time to change tomorrow, let’s change today!!!


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