In the sea of music that washes over our eyes and ears everyday there are those moments that really stand out. EPs, tracks or albums that cut through the masses and make you smile, think or blow you away with something truly different. These are a couple of releases over the past few months that have done exactly that.

Umoja – Vuelo Nocturno

(18th August, INI Movement)

Umoja are a couple of talented young guys making roots-heavy tropical bass from their bedrooms in Haarlem, the Netherlands. The duo have had a steady release of well-produced, grooving, original tunes and their latest release shows their sound maturing and constantly improving. A blend of dubby cumbia, cut up samples, flutes, shakers, bird song and bass, Vuelo Nocturno is a breath of fresh air that manages to simultaneously celebrate global roots and digital culture.

Tremor – Proa

(3rd September, Wonderwheel Records)

Another band that has always stood out in terms of their original sound and fresh direction is Tremor. The Argentine trio carved out a name for making andino-digital music and delivering high-energy live show buts on their latest offering Proa the band have outdone themselves, stepping out of the mould and making a bold statement in a sometimes stagnant scene. This is no longer simply digital folk but a new sound, blending influences and resulting in something unlike anything I have heard in a while. A band exploring their inspirations and finding a new, unknown sound.

Uproot Andy – Worldwide Ting Vol. 2

(27th August, Que Bajo!)

Uproot Andy has done it again with the second instalment of Worldwide Ting courtesy of Que Bajo! Once more, these are six cuts of pure UA gold complete with his trademark sound, solid beats and refined productions. This producer has such a talent for bringing elements together to make sure fire dancefloor warming cuts. “America” is a brilliant example, skilfully blending K’Naan’s Mulatu Astatke sampling track with the original in a whirling global cumbia rhythm. Another producer that has made his own sound in a sea of music. This one doesn’t push the boundaries but Uproot Andy’s treatment of “global bass” is one of the most informed and skillful you can find.


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