Despite his limited output, Uproot Andy has made it on to my very exclusive list of reliable producers. Nearly everything (if not everything) the US based producer has released has a real quality about it. His productions have that rare combination of being melodically catchy, well produced, unique and absolutely killer on the dancefloor. This selection, the first release on Que Bajo Records maintains his reputation – 5 sure fire refixes of 5 different musical styles from 5 different countries. And they’re free.

Download here.


And, for curiosity’s sake…here are the originals:

1. Grupo Socavon – Homenaje a Justino: “a classic currulao from the marimba ensemble from the Pacific coast region of Colombia”.

2. Kabaka International Guitar Band – Mangala Special is “highlife from Nigeria.”

3. Mahendra Kapoor – Sada Vasda Rahe Punjab “is pre-bhangra folk music from the Panjab region of India.”

4. Fania All Stars – Lamento de un Guajiro “is a New York salsa classic.”

5. Los Cojolites – Luna Negra is “son jarochofrom Vera Cruz, Mexico.”


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