Las Krudas Cubensi

This first appeared in The Guardian’s African Network at the end of January. Presented by US based media/social change platform Nomadic Wax, the World Hip-Hop Women Mixtape is a global journey taking in some of the most stellar and socially conscious female rappers from South Africa to Chile, from the US to Singapore. As well as highlighting Hip-Hop’s global appeal, the mixtape is also a testament to genre’s power as a mode of social expression.

 “You will hear nothing but strong, insightful verses. The sounds are native to locations on opposite ends of the globe, and yet the sonic journey will be familiar to anyone who has a heart for great music. Whether you understand the language or tonal origin of any song in the mix, the flow will guide the expansion of your mind and the movement of your body.”

Covering 18 countries, the mix features tracks by Soultana, a member of Morocco’s first all female hip-hop crew Tigresse Flow, Palestinian MC Shadia Mansour, the first lady of Arabic hip-hop and Cuban mestizo, feminist activist group Krudas Cubensi amongst others. A global mixtape that breaches borders, shows Hip-Hop’s as a global platform for expression and shines the spotlight on some of the world’s most interesting female MCs.


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