Denver Nights Volume 1

Denver Nights Volume 1

From the team responsible for Amsterdam’s rijsttafel of a club night Denver NightsDenver Nights Volume 1 is a glance into Amsterdam’s continously exciting and diverse electronic music scene and the producers behind it. Celebrating the club night’s two year anniversary, this compilation (available for free download) unites some of the artists that have graced the decks at Denver’s now regular Amsterdam haunt, Canvas. The result, much like the club night itself, is a mix of fresh styles, sounds and tempos – each with an eye for the Denver dancefloor.

Hip-hop mainstays Hayzee serve up a thick slice of bare rhythmic, big bass-ed trap,  Glebstar some smooth UK tinged house, Huiz & Ruuw bring their classy indie/house remix of The Applejacks’ Good Times whilst your hosts Denver contribute the dancefloor warming, deep house of Flip Ya! Meanwhile the standout track on the compilation has to be Makina‘s staggeringly broken tropi-tech beat on Fixion featuring Maya For Sale with her delightful vocals.

Denver Nights Volume 1 is out now and available for free download HERE. Grab it, enjoy it, share it and play it out.


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