Lucas Santtana Remix Nostalgia

Lucas Santtana’s Sem Nostalgia, released last year via the great Mais Um Discos imprint, received widespread acclaim for it’s dissection of Brazilian singer/songwriters’ reliance on the bossa nova lineage. Santtana took the lilting melodious guitar/singer combo, now synonymous with Brazilian music, and twisted into something fresh and electric, verging on the experimental. Electronica mixed with acoustic guitars, sweet vocals and found sounds.

Now a host of worldly remixes, including the likes of Deerhoof, AJ Holmes and The Hackney Empire and Glasgow legend JD Twitch (Optimo) have taken Sem Nostaglia’s excursions and splintered them even further. The 13 track album (tracklist after the break) is free to download and sits as a fitting response to Santanna’s musical questions, raised on Sem Nostalgia. Don’t look back!


Full tracklist

1. Cira, Regina e Nana (M. Takara 3 Remix)
2. Night-Time in the Backyard (Deerhoof John Dieterich Remix)
3. Cá Pra Nós (Burnt Friedman Remix)
4. Super Violão Mashup (Lucas Santtana’s Monome Remix)
5. Who Can Say Which Way (Joao Brasil’s Baile Funk Montage)
6. Cira, Regina e Nana (A JD Twitch Optimo Mix)
7. Super Violão Mashup (R. Brandão & Embolex Remix)
8. Hold Me in (DJ iZem Remix)
9. Cá Pra Nós (El Buho Remix)
10. Amor Em Jacumã (feat. Mariana Rabello Pinho) [A.J. Holmes Remix]
11. Cira, Regina e Nana (Stuttgart Version)
12. Recado para Pio Lobato (Agnya, H-Tenza & Phiorio Remix)
13. Cira, Regina e Nana (BaBa ZuLa Remix)


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