Batida – Tirei o Chapéu Mix (Paris DJs)

Batida – Tirei O Chapéu Mix (Paris DJs)

I have been a long time fan of Batida, the creation of Angolan / Portuguese DJ Mpula aka Pedro Coquenão, for their mix of traditional Angolan music with modern electronic styles. This mix, released through Paris DJs, is another fine example of this fusion with old school artists like Elias Dia Kimuezo, Paulo Neto and Matadidi Carlos (any more info anyone?) paired next to Batida and fellow producers making waves in modern, electronic Angolan music such as DJ Znobia and Bruno MThe link that has built up between Angolan and Portuguese producers is also evident on the mix, most notably on the unreleased remixes from Lisbon based Beat Laden (great reworking of Puxa) and Octapush, who takes on my favourite Batida track, Alegria.

The mix ends on the wonderful Angolé by Teta Lando as remixed by Brazilian Maurício Pacheco, taken from the Comfusões 1: From Angola To Brasil album. The mix is one to dance too, led along by that familiar Batida bounce and scratching, up-beat percussion, a fantastic showcase for the diversity of Angolan music, past and present. Batida’s self-titled debut album, is out now on Soundway Records and, if you haven’t already, I would highly recommend it!

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01. Batida – Tirei o Chapéu
02. Musangola – Pé Descalço
03. Demónio King – ?
04. Mamukueno – Rei do Palhetinho
05. Dj Znobia – Waaa
06. Elias Dia Kimuezo – Diala Monzo
07. Conductor – Dancem Até Morrer
08. Sofia Rosa – N’gue Sile Mufunda
09. Batida – Puxa (Beat Laden Remix)
10. Paulo Neto – Tua Ndaleto Kutu
11. Kilamu – Melodia de Semba
12. Matadidi Carlos – A Nossa Terra
13. Bruno M – A Dança dos Komba
14. Dj Marfox – Bit Binary
15. Batida – Alegria (Octapush Remix)
16. Teta Lando – Angolé (Maurício Pacheco Remix)


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