Esperando el Tsunami Outtakes

Since Lulacruza and Vincent Moon returned from their ambitious Esperando el Tsunami project, which set out to capture the soul of Colombia’s musical landscape, we have been treated to a steady stream of material. The latest offerings from the project are these three ‘outtakes’ from Colombian musicians, recorded during the trip. Each outtake is accompanied by a bio, the video and even audio files (all available for free and for distribution). With Lulacruza & Moon as the facilitators, these snippets offer a wonderful little insight into three very different strands of Colombian music.

After the release of the film and these teasers, you get the feeling they are still sitting on a mountain of golden footage and recordings (we still haven’t heard much about the album itself). What I really love about this project is the way the whole thing is presented, the beautifully designed website, the quality of the videos and the way the material is released, bit by bit. It is done with a real finesse and sits as a thoughtful homage to Colombia and its music – a project worth heralding.

Aterciopelados – Mothership Andean Roots

Son Palenque – Legendary Roots of Champeta 

Jorge Henriquez – The lonely voice of the desert


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