Mati Zundel – Amazonico Gravitante

I have been waiting for this album with high anticipation since Mati Zundel, formely known as Lagartijeando, announced he was working on a full LP for ZZK Records. The Argentine born producer belongs to the ZZK stable of Latin Folk – electronic crossover in the mould of Chancha via Circuito or Tremor. However, all three of these artists approach the fusion between club and folklore in a different way. While Chancha is buried in Dubby cumbia, intricate rhythmic patterns and a slice of jungle, Mati Zundel draws more inspiration from the music of northern Argentina and the cordillera streching from Chile to Colombia.

Mati Zundel – El Alto de la Paz ft. Boogat

Having said that, Amazonico Gravitante is called Amazonico Gravitante and opens with a chirping rainforest. It quickly climbs up from the Amazon basin to the heights of the cordillera on the weighty cumbia of El Alto de La Paz featuring Montreal’s favourite Latin MC, Boogat. The album then departs on a journey criss crossing styles from up and down the Cordillera like tinku, huaynos, charangueada and cumbia mixed with a modern, dancefloor aesthetic. What I like about the album is that it combines so many different styles in a cohesive fashion: global dancefloor, headphone folkltronica, cosmic cumbia and even pop, like on “Por El Pueblo” and “No Llores Mas”. An album that does not disappoint and one I will revisit time and time again.

You can listen to the whole album via NPR here but I would highly recommend you purchase it 🙂  (Amazon and iTunes)


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