The National Fanfare of Kadebostany

Any album which opens with sheep samples, distorted wild singing, reedy oboes, tinny drums and a big phat bassline, has my attention from the beginning. What’s more, the idea behind The National Fanfare of Kadebostany is right up my street: an electronic music producer/DJ meets a Belorussian acoustic chamber ensemble, the fusing of organic with electronic, folklore with dancefloor. Add into that the band’s concept of inventing a country (Kadebostany) and its culture alongside a little madness and you have a recipe for some interesting music!

The first half of the Fanfare is made up of Swiss DJ/producer Kadebostan who made a name for himself with his excellent fusions of minimal electronics/techno with balkan/folk/latin, especially through releases on Freude am Tanzen:

 Kadebostan-Portofino (from Muchas Faticias)

The story goes that it was the founder of Krakow’s Unsound festival, Mat Schultz that convinced Kadebostan to head off into the Belorussian sunset to join a host of musicians and form The National Fanfare. These musicians were better known as Minsk’s Rational Diet; 6 musicians from different parts of Europe: Romania, Kazakstan, Russia, Poland who play violin, cello, piano, accordion, horns, guitar and banjo. And so the Orchestra was born.

“The musical map of Kadebostany reads like a blueprint for non-electronic techno: hard-hitting yet welcoming like a village feast,cutting-edge yet simple like a long-anticipated hug.”

You can listen above and buy the captivating results released through Mental Groove Records and while you are at it check out the Kadebostany website for tour dates and bios and Mental Groove for more eclectic “world” music. Oh and one last thing, the video for the album’s big hitter, Kazak Rules:


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