Mais Um Discos: A Nova Música Brasileira

In 2009 London based musical treasure hunter Mais Um Gringo set out to explore Brazil and its contemporary soundscape. The resulting label Mais Um Discos and its first album, Oi! A Nova Música Brasileira, sought to provided a fresh and comprehensive insight into contemporary Brazilian music from Belem to Porto Alegre.

“The label releases music from Brazilian artists who fuse styles, disregard genres and irritate purists.”

In 2012, the label delves back into a nova música brasileira through a series of digital EPs showcasing some of the country’s most exciting genres.

The Oi! Download series began in January with Nova-Tropicalia, a peek into the 21st century revitalisation of the Tropicalia movement whose ideas of musical canibalisation revolutionised Brazil’s music scene in the 1960s/70s. A real blend of sounds and influences from pop, psychadelia, boogie-woogie and “tropical freak-out”.

In February, Mais Um Discos took us up to Belem, the heart of tecnobrega, for Electro-Amazonas, a look at the musical scene making waves across Brazil and beyond. The EP is a really nice selection of tecnobrega-in-six-songs with contributions from the Amazonian BeyoncéGaby Amarantos, the influential Gang do Electro and some different takes on the sound from artist such as Jaloo.

You can pick up the label’s music from bandcamp (above), iTunes, Amazon, Juno etc. Watch this space for March’s release which will explore the North Eastern folk revival scene.


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