Freaky Fridays: Colombia’s El Freaky Colectivo

I have been hearing a lot of hype of late about Colombia’s Freaky Colectivo (mainly due to some tireless Twitter PRing!) and it seems the team of DJs/producers (@andreshaq @djmikestyle @kmmy_ranks @fatsugardaddy) are the ones to look to for futuristic tropical heat in Bogota.

The collective, which has been running a regular Freaky Friday clubnight for nearly four years (!), draws musical lines between urban bass music and folklore in an “anything goes if it makes you dance” kind of fashion. The ZZK of Bogota anyone?

El Freaky have shared the stage with some of the biggest names on the global bass scene including Toy Selectah, Que Bajo? honchos Uproot Andy and Geko Jones, Diplo, Calle 13, ZZK’s bearded tropi-pop don El Remolón, Peligrosa’s DJ Orion and even Peruvian child star Wendy Sulca!

300 songs, 7 DJs, 8-15 genres: Freaky Friday's 10 hour spectacle

It is interesting to see the mutations of latin/afro folklore with electronica/global bass come back to one of its spiritual homes to be re-interpretated and mutated once more. Musical migrations at their best! So, if you are ever in Bogota and looking for a good party on a Friday night, Freaky seems to be the place to be. Check them out via TwitterFacebook and Soundcloud.


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