VA – El Rave Azteca (Choles Records)

First off, apologies for the recent blog slowdown. We return with a slice of international 3ball for your ears showing how the tribal rhythm continues to reverberate around the world. Choles Records is a cross-border netlabel: based in Texas but stretching its musical tentacles across the Rio Grande into the Aztec heartland.

After two EPs of Cumbia explorations/deviations from Chico Ye and DJ Charly de Chicago, their third free-to-download release consists of 14 cuts of global 3ball Guarachero made up of “Nahuatl vocal samples, dubby bass slurps, Ibiza-like breakdowns, and guarachero drumming.”(Ft. Pacheko, Mexicans with Guns, Meneo etc). Take a listen to a preview mix of the release below, download it for FREE here and then go check out Choles Records‘ previous two releases.

CR003 – El Rave Azteca – Compilación – Preview Mix 



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