La Tigresa del Oriente – A Brighter Day

“All around the world…La Tigresa del Oriente”.

In an attempt to corner a new, untapped market, Peruvian viral sensation, La Tigresa del Oriente has re-recorded her tropi-glam hit Nuevo Amanecer with the help of cumbia-rock group Terapeutas del Ritmo. Though the lyrics to A Brighter Day are a little difficult to make out (perhaps due to the fact that La Tigresa doesn’t appear to speak English – see the scribbled phonetic transcription) it rings true to the cheap and cheerful original.

It remains to be seen if she will conquer the English speaking world in the way she has conquered Latin America. Still, you can’t help but admire the singer in all her camp, leopard-print glory. It is certainly a break from the big-budget, polished-pop productions of Beyoncé et al! Incidentally, La Tigresa claimed Lady Gaga copied her unique style in the video for Telephone… If you somehow missed the now cult original, for your viewing pleasure:


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