Fulgeance – For All of You EP (MPM)

This was one of those releases that has been sitting on my hard drive waiting to get listened to. I finally got round to it yesterday and it made my week (musically speaking!)

To All of You, released by Melting Pot Music, is French beat-maker Fulgeance’s first full-length release after a handful of excellent EPs via Musique Large. The album is dedicated to the global music community that have hosted and supported the producer over the years, with a sonic tipping of the hat to London, Sofia, Tokyo, Athens, LA and, of course, Glasgow.

Musically it is a hotpot of skewed hip-hop peppered with arpeggios, carefully orchestrated sound bytes and the occasional bassline which would saw through any dancefloor. Alongside the nods to Modeselektor  (Sweet Sofia) and the LA/Glasgow school of hip-hop (Hiver Normand/Montefalco Mato) Fulgenace’s own creative streak shines through, no less so than on the anthemic ‘Vilnius Bump’.

In Fulgeance’s own words:

‘From Vilnius to L.A, Glasgow to Sofia, Athens to London, I was always welcomed by little or big collectives who enjoyed and respect my sound, some people who know how to present it, and this connection, this friendship by the end still alive, and I wanted to thank in a way; doin’ this record, all this people who spread this music, this “underground” vibe, and by the end so much love. Each track is dedicated to one of this cities, you have to visit them now, and listen the track, after or before, up to you’.

To All of You is a very appropriate dedication to the producers, DJs and promoters pushing the ‘underground’ bass/beats sound in the Lucky Me/Brainfeeder vein. You can expect to hear these tracks on the very dancefloors that inspired them.

Purchase options from Melting Pot Music.


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