Antartek Records Podcast 3: El Buho

A small bit of self-promotion here. The latest Antartek Records podcast has been put together by myself (El Buho) and mixes Latin American folk with electronica from across the spectrum. The mix combines one-off mash-ups, original material and re-edits/tempo alterations. Tracklist follows the music. Enjoy!

Antartek Records Podcast 3 – El Buho – Fraternity Winter


  1. Intro (Cutumay Camones – Farabundo)
  2. Mercedes Sosa – Guitarra Dimelo Tu (El Remolón Remix)
  3. Mock The Zuma – Ome/Sayanta – Bailando la Saya
  4. Oh Maik – Gj581 (Remix)/Llajtaymanta – Brujita
  5. Dauwd – Ikopol/Simón Díaz – Mi Querencia
  6. Cholita Sound – Choquechinchay (Bigote RMX)
  7. El Buho – Pavonine Quetzal
  8. Matanza – Temazcal/Ukamau y Ké – Autonomía No
  9. When Saints Go Machine – Kelly (Shlomo Edit)/Kike Pinto – Utushkuru


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