Chris Waddle, meet Criss Waddle

On a browse through some recent blog posts my eyes glanced over something which forced me to do a double take. Chris Waddle?! What was the former England/Sheffield Wednesday/Marseille footballer turned commentator doing on a Ghanian music blog? Double take taken, it was not the very same Mr. Waddle but rather a young MC from the city of Tema going by the name of Criss Waddle. Merely a coincidence or did the infamously mulleted midfielder serve as an inspiration?

Chris Waddle

Criss Waddle







Waddle (Junoir) belongs to the R2Bees (Refuse to Be Broke) family, one of Ghana’s most renowned urban hiplife crews/record labels. He also comes from a musical family, his brother is a highlife msucian (Kwaisey Pee) and his father was Nana Kweku Addai, more well-known in Ghana as Agyaaku. Agyaaku was a highlife singer who worked with many well-known Ghanian musicians. The singer, who died this time last year, ended his career in the UK, moving to London in 2000.


It is possible that it was not only the footballers skills on the field which inspired Agyaaku to name his son after the talented Mr. Waddle (if that is indeed the case….) For those who don’t remember/chose to forget or had no idea, Chris Waddle Senior also had a ‘sucesful’, if short-lived, musical career. Alongside fellow Tottenham star Glen Hoddle, Waddle released the unforgettable ‘Diamond Lights’ in 1987, reaching an impressive number 12 in the UK charts.


Waddle’s name seems to lives on in the most surprising of places and seems set for the big time. Criss Waddle‘s most recent collaboration (the one which caught my eye) was with Sarkodie, one of the biggest rappers in Ghana and who last year signed to Akon‘s label Konvict Music:

And a freestyle Chrissy Waddle would be proud of:


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