Angolan House

Just read a great little piece from FADER by Benjamin Lebrave (the man behind Akwaaba Music) on the recent House music trend taking over Angolan clubs. Lebrave writes that Angolan producers like DJ Djeff and DJ Delany, inspired by the South African House scene, have been pushing their Kuduro and Semba productions into Afro-House territory. This has led to a uniquely Angolan take on the genre, including the country’s own musical heritage and as Lebrave notes, creating Angolan House. Here are some musical picks:

Banane Mavoko (Delany Duvall LostMind Remix) – Black Motion

Os Modelos ft Cabo Snoop – Hoje Vou te Pegar

Djeff & Maskarado – Elegom Bounsa (Akwaaba Music)

Renato Xtrova – Yele Oh (Original Mix)

Djeff Afrozilla ft. Gary Sinedima – Piluka (Soul Vocal mix)


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