Katakresis – Beats Santiaguinos

Katakresis is an American producer currently living in Santiago, Chile. He creates what could be loosely collected together as instrumental hip-hop.

Katakresis – Straight Paraguay (Cabeza! 025)

After having put together Cabeza! Netlabel’s 25th release last year, ‘Beats Santiaguinos’ is a free to download 19 track collection of Katakresis beats old and new. The album is entirely ‘instrumental hip-hop’ but brilliantly varied: a cut-up remix of bossa-nova classic ‘Corcovado‘ (‘Night of Quiet Stars’), the epic BPM traversing ‘Yellow Box Synth’, the digital cumbia of ‘Carlitosnap’,unidentified Latin American folk on ‘Valparaiso Beat’ and a rather curveball Dvořák remix.

To finish with, here is a pretty impressive video of Katakresis playing around on an MPC:


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