Grupo 2000 – El Destape (Masstrópicas)

Masstrópicas are back (check out the previous release here) with another little gem of a release. Grupo 2000’s debut album, ‘El Destape’, originally released in October 1974, has become a much sought after diamond for collectors of classic Peruvian chicha. Virtually unknown outside of Peru, this re-release, taken directly from the seemingly endless resource of long-lost chicha master tapes, brings Tulio Trigoso’s grooving arrangements to many people’s ears for the first time.

Grupo 2000 – Notas de Colores

Grupo 2000’s chicha is up-beat, funky and fresh adding son/salsa (‘El Destape a los 2000’), jungle influences (‘El Ventisho’), rock ( ‘Notas de Colores’) and even what sounds like Peruvian Afro-Beat (‘Flor Tarapotina’) into the mix. This is of course accompanied by the usual fill of wah, melodic guitar solos, organ and guiro and is all held together by Tarapoto born Trigoso’s remarkable guitar playing. Grupo 2000 eventually changed their name to Sonido 2000 and continue to play to this day with Trigoso, now recognised as one of chicha’s greatest songwriters, at the helm.

‘El Destape’ will also be available come mid/late September on limited edition vinyl  with a ‘ ‘tip-on’ style Stoughten jacket’, quality photos and the customary in-depth background notes on the band and the release. For those of you who can’t wait, or just want to get their hands on the music, the album is available now on MP3 via Light in the Attic Records.

It seems Masstrópicas has some exciting little surprises up its sleeve over the next few months so watch this space….


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