El Dante & Cabeza Netlabel

Argentina’s Cabeza netlabel has been going into overdrive recently with five releases in the past two months or so. Yesterday they released Cabeza! 043 and o44 from ‘cumbiatonero’ DJ Dice and tropical remixes of Argentine MC El Dante, respectively. The remixes of El Dante’s ‘Gisela’ also feature some special verse from Brooklynite Jahdan Blakkamoore.

El Dante – Gisela (Sandro Dalepedro & Luisao Remix ft. Jahdan Blakkamoore

Dante Spientta, to give him his full name, is the son of the father or Argentine rock Luis Alberto Spinetta and made his own musical mark through old-skool hip-hop duo Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas. The remixes for Cabeza are taken from his third solo outing, “Pyramide”, a mix of pop, hip-hop, autotune, cumbia and futurism and features guest appearances from Calle 13’s Residente and Fito Paez. You can download the Cabeza! releases here and listen to Pyramide here.

El Dante – Tomen Distancia


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