Sunday Mashup – Bonnz vs Flor Sinqueña

Bonnz, the drummer from Mexican alternative band Hello Seahorse, released an instrumental track ‘Tengo Barba’ a few days back via Soundcloud. He offered it up as an instrumental for MCs to rhyme over and I thought I would put my own take on it. ‘Rhyming’ over the top is a Peruvian huayno singer which on the CD is labelled as Flor Sinqueña singing ‘Un Vaso de Cristal’. I picked this up on a huayno compilation I got in Peru called Huayno del Centro but that is about as much info as I can give. Upon listening to the lyrics, this song seems actually to be a version of Mario Pereya’s ‘Un Vaso de Cerveza’ though perhaps by Sinqueña. Whoever it is by, as with a lot of huayno songs, it’s all about beer and sorrow!


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