Lulacruza & Vincent Moon in Colombia

Over the past three months the Argentine/Colombian electronica/folk duo Lulacruza have been traveling around Colombia alongside French film-maker Vincent Moon with the aim of creating a ‘visual album’. Accompanied by a host of local experts, the trio spent their time visiting all the different regions of the country encountering, collaborating with and learning from some of Colombia’s most revered musicians who make up it’s rich and diverse musical heritage. They were able to record and play with musicians such as the renowned gaita (flute) player Sixto “Paito” Salgado from Isla Grande, cantadoras from the ancient Guapi song-tradition and the influential Afro-Colombian group Son Palenque. You can check out the whole voyage via a great travelogue written by Lulacruza along with some beautiful photos of the trip.

The resulting album, to be released for free under Creative Commons license later this year, will include Moon’s footage accompanied by Lulacruza’s collaborations, as recorded throughout the trip. In the meantime, check out Lulacruza’s finely crafted folktronica gems from their two previous albums and their most recent EP, Circular Tejido via bandcamp. Highly recommended!


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