Deep 3ball

Here are a couple of fresh takes on the Mexican 3ball rhythm from Mexican producers pushing the sound into new territories and mixing it with other influences.

Siete Catorce

Siete Catorce is “a 17 year old kid who takes a lot of drugs, loves his girlfriend and uses a laptop to convey his feelings”. The mysterious producer is actually a tongue-in-cheek alter-ego of Mexicali based Marco Polo Gutierrez, who also produces under the den5hion moniker and as part of Dénima alongside Biuddha (Gutierrez has even invented a collaboration between two of his own synonyms…the Fernando Pessoa of 3ball?!) Siete Catorce’s productions however, take the genre in new directions, combining 3ball and cumbia rhythms with the synths and aesthetics of deep house, techno and electronica.


Lauro Robles, the man behind the excellent website 401 “The Mexican Solution for Underground Music, also produces under the name of Lao. His productions bring together UK Funky/Dubstep/Bass with 3ball rhythms and samples.

Iztacuauhtli (original mix)

Ezekiel & Lao – Motita Rica (Original mix)

It will be interesting to see if anything like Enchufada’s Hard Ass Sessions (global producers own takes on the Kuduro rhythm) will happen with Monterrey 3ball. Watch this space.


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