Brazilian Tecnobrega

(Photo: Henrik Moltke)

Tecnobrega, which translates as ‘Techno-cheese’, originated in northern Brazil, particularly in the city of Belém. The genre revolves around simple mash-ups and reworkings of popular Brazilian and global songs into the club friendly tecnobrega style. In reality it is something of a ‘dem-bowification’ of the songs, hovering around 90bpm and inserting the classic rhythm popularised by reggaeton with some melodic additions. There is an interesting section in the film Good Copy, Bad Copy about the tecnobrega scene available to watch on youtube (2 parts):

Key to the style is the output and turnaround of the remixes which seem to encapsulate the digital age. A popular song can be downloaded, tecnobrega-ed by a bedroom producer, burned to CD, sold by a street vendor and then heard the same evening on one of the big tecnobrega soundsystems known as aparelhagens.

DJ Waldo Squash

This week Ghetto Bassquake posted a tecnobrega mix put together by João Brasil which highlights one of the scenes big producers,Waldo Squash available for download here. You can also check out a lot of Waldo Squash’s productions here, though be warned, there is sometimes a fine line between good tecnobrega and very cheesy tecnobrega!


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