Latin American Netlabels

Netlabels have always existed on the periphery of the music industry, traditionally by limited to electronic or experimental music. However, over the past few years a number of Latin American netlabels, or artist collectives, have emerged, offering their music for download legally, and covering a whole host of genres and fresh sounds. I have chosen a few of these new labels so go check them out!

Cabeza is an Argentine based netlabel started in 2008 by Lucas Luisao and Martin “negromoreno” Moreno to promote ‘cumbia, dancehall, reggaeton mash ups and any other rhythm that started in the slums and made its way to the dance floor’. They currently have 39 EP-length releases including Diamond Bass, Miss Bolivia, Super Guachin and Daleduro.

Reccomended Release: Cabeza #27 Gux Swadharma

Though not considered as a netlabel by its founders, Chilean label Discos Pegaos, set up by three Santiago based DJs (DeMentira, Vaskular and Motivado), offers all of its releases for free through its site. The label was only set up last year and thus far has three releases available (one from each of the founding members) but if they are anything to go by, the future looks bright. For more info worth reading the in-depth interview with the three DJs in trendy Chilean magazine Extravaganza (in Spanish).

Reccomended Release: Motivado – Bobby Fisher EP

CocoBass is a netlabel based between Venezuela and Mexico which brings together tropical beats from around the world. Releases have featured artists such as Mexico’s Maria y José, Venezuela’s Mr Ioso and a host of remixers from the tropical bass scene. *Noteworthy garish artwork*

Reccomended Release: Prepare to Meet They Broom – La Malilla Seca LP

The multi-platform Latin American music hub that is New Weird Latin America grew out of the netlabel Poni Republic and now brings together Latin American music news, a netlabel, releases by other similar labels, videos and promotes its own club nights/concerts, all based in Mexico DF. Looks set to be a great portal for the alternative music scene in Latin America.

Reccomended Release: Nu-Romantics Compilation

Lepork Records was set up to bring Latin American punk music to a wider audience, the net label has now spread its wings to become a champion of under-recognised punk bands all over the world.

Reccomended Release: 25

Sub Klub Records are another Argentine based outfit who specialise in tropical vibes from Latin America and beyond, in their words: ‘a great piñata that mixes genres like the Tropical Bass, UK Funky, Bassline, Barefoot, Ghetto Tech and all that makes you pop the ear.’ They also organise club nights in Argentina, a radio show and a series of Mixtapes.

Reccomended Release: Relo – Sapol Tropical


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