Label Showcase: #2 Enchufada Records

“We love bass and we love music from weird parts of the globe.”

For our second label showcase we have Portugal based Enchufada Records. The label was first started as a vehicle to release material by Buraka Som Sistema (the band responsible for introducing Angolan ‘kuduro‘ to a whole new audience), however, the past year has seen the label go from strength to strength. 2010 saw Enchufada transformed into a fully fledged imprint, booking agency and a taste maker for fresh sounds from every corner of the globe.

Contributing to the ever growing ‘global bass’ scene, the label also launched the Hard Ass Sessions (literal translation of ‘ku-duro’), a series of releases which showcase a host of distinct artists’ own unique take on the Angolan rhythm. The series (whose fifth volume was released last week) has featured producers such as Toy Selectah, Dubble Dutch, Wildlife! and Bok Bok, each putting a local spin on a global sound. This series has highlighted the interconnectedness afforded to new artists and scenes from different countries by easy access to internet and the availability of music production software:

“A good example of this is Tuki Love, included on Hard Ass Sessions Vol 5, where Pacheko and Pocz pick up the Tuki (or Raptor House) sounds, and make a kuduro influenced track, mixing both genres together… Angola vs Venezuela vs Portugal, and it all happened over the internet… if this is not the future, then I don’t know what is.”

Pacheko & Pocz – Tuki Love

“It’s all about searching for the rough diamond, that’s where the kick comes from. Commercial music that surrounds us in the western world is not creative enough. We need to get out of our contort zones and search for inspiring things and the internet is the perfect vehicle for this.”

However, the label is cannot be pigeon-holed as simply a kuduro label. Enchufada has also showcased some surprising and exciting acts, as epitomised by the release of native Portuguese four piece PAUS‘s debut E.P. É Uma Água.

“It’s good to set a direction for a label, but then it’s also good to shuffle things and work with artists that make music we love even if they are in a different path. Whats not to love in a band with a siamese drum kit that occupies 50% of their songs with gigantic drum/tom based loops? Expect a lot of curve balls like this in the future…”

So, what next for Enchufada?

“A lot of effort is being spent on Buraka’s upcoming album. We want it to be perfect. Everything is still in the oven… it wont be a dramatic turn over in terms of sound… the album is probably gonna come out in the fall of 2011, but there will be a song/video out before the summer.”

Buraka Som Sistema

“Apart from that we’re trying to do another volume of the Hard Ass Series and J-Wow (me!) is putting together a compilation. We’re also very excited about the possible release of a Marfox Ep and PAUS’ debut album… hope we can make all this happen. Exciting times!!!”

Thanks to label head/long time contributor J-WOW for the interview.


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