Peruvian Prints

This piece on Peruvian poster art came out last year Creative Review magazine but I hadn’t seen the accompanying documentary on one of the artists (Elliot Tupac) behind these wonders (Thanks to Listen Recovery). Here is an interview from Guia de Arte de Lima (in Spanish) with Tupac about his work. It is incredible that these posters are still hand-made on a mass scale using their own typography and methods not involving any computers or electronic printing technology.

Inevitably however, as Tupac says in the video, these methods cannot compete with the newer more cost effective printing methods. He signals that perhaps in the future these hand made posters will only be seen in art galleries rather than plastered across Lima’s streets. Check out some examples below, including an exhibition in Lima put together by El Grupo Plástico collective in 2009 called La Cuadrada: Kaleidoscopic Vision in the city of Lima.

El Equipo Plástico

Guia de Arte Lima

Listen Recovery

El Equipo Plástico

Chichadelia Blogspot

El Equipo Plástico

El Equipo Plástico


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