Nicolas Jaar

The latest XLR8R podcast comes from Nicolas Jaar and is one of the freshest mixes I have heard in a while. It spans all manner of BPM, genre and sound, all subtly woven together. Soul, jazz, dub-techno, tango all held together by crisp beats and deep bass. The mix is mainly Jaar’s own work and the sheer quality of the production is pretty impressive for such a young producer (just 20). His sound has echoes of Trentemoller’s “The Last Resort” but remains an inspiration rather than an imitation. The mix blurs organic, recorded, live instrumentation with samples and well crafted electronics, even the vinyl crackles sit just right.

Nicolas Jaar – XLR8R Podcast

Jaar is a Chilean producer who now lives in New York and producers/DJs in his spare time as a student at Brown University and is set to release his much anticipated début album Space Is Only Noise this week through the Paris based imprint Circus Company:

“An uncompromising manifesto on traces of the past, love lost, and spectres of the future.”



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