Jungle Fever!

Here is a little preview mix for our next Hispanic Panic night at Stereo in Glasgow on the 14th of January. We will be turning Stereo’s cave into a steamy rainforest filled with mystery with live music from the Glasgow Drum Circle and the best música selvatica to boogie in a jungle fashion to! All proceeds from the event will be going to a research trip in the Manú national park in the Peruvian Amazon run by Glasgow University students. Listen below or download here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Alongside some contemporary Peruvian artists and a few jungle related TUNES, the mix has a definite chicha leaning to it. Chicha appeared in the Peruvian amazon “oil boom” towns in the 1970s. Led by bands like Juaneco y su Combo and Los Mirlos, it was a real fusion music mixing surf guitar, indigenous melodies and cumbia rhythms to create a unique stlye called chicha. It has recently been exposed to the world through the fantastic Roots of Chicha Volume 1 & 2 released by Barbes Records.



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